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Guitarist Smokey Hormel is known for his work with Johnny Cash, Adele, Beck, Tom Waits, Neil Diamond, Norah Jones, and more

Smokey's Round‑Up brings Western Swing to Brooklyn with live shows every week

Smokey's Round‑up

Raucous Western Swing with virtuoso guitar, Smokey’s Round-Up is a late-night dance party happening at Red Hook’s beloved Sunny’s Bar.

Wednesday nights at
Sunny's 253 Conover St., Red Hook, Brooklyn map

  • Off for July & August,
    next show Sept. 4

Oumar Ndiyae Sourtoura cover

Soutoura by Oumar Ndiyae

Produced by Smokey

Senegalese singer/songwriter Oumar Ndiyae’s new album Soutoura features Smokey on guitar

10 song album released on bandcamp

More about Smokey's collaboration with Oumar Ndiyae at

recording Soutoura

Mareme music video by Oumar Ndiaye

Liner Note Legends interview

In–depth interview with Smokey talking about his work with the Blasters, Lee Allen, Beck, Rick Rubin and Johnny Cash, his love of Brazilian music, and his early days in Los Angeles. Part of the Liner Note Legends video series profiling veteran session musicians.

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smokey's secret family cover

Smokey's Secret Family

Smokey Hormel and his stellar New York band resurrect classic '50s African dance music with electric guitar, tuba, trombone, clarinet, percussion and more. Nine songs released in 2009.

smokey and miho cover

Smokey & Miho

Smokey Hormel and Cibo Matto singer Miho Hatori celebrate '60s Bossa Nova king Baden Powell with a full perscussion ensemble. Ten songs released in 2003. Vinyl reissue in 2017.