Photo Gallery

Smokey with Beck 2011 Smokey with Norah Jones 2010 Smokey in Tom Waits' band 1999 Smokey with Justin Meldal-Johnston and Beck at the Ryman Auditorium 2014 Smokey with Joe Strummer 2002 Smokey with Blake Mills and Jackson Browne at Mollusk Surf shop Smokey with Nick Cave, Johnny Cash and Rick Rubin smokey's secret family 2011 Smokey with Ry Cooder 1989 Radio Ranch Straight Shooters 1986 smokey and his vintage Gretsch Smokey with Floyd Dixon 1990 smokey 2010 smokey with guitarist Jimmy Wyble smokey with tom waits 1999 smokey with adele 2010 smokey with nick cave and joe strummer smokey & miho 2003 smokey on the beck odelay tour 1996 Smokey with Lee Allen smokey in the studio Smokey in The Blasters Smokey with guitarists jimmy rodgers and rick holmstrom smokey on the beck odelay tour 1997 smokey in forro in the dark